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If it's true that good quality products can only come from a synergy between experts in each one's own field rather than from the inspiration of a single person, then JAS Audio comes about in the best way possible. In fact, while some of the partners aren't new to the hi-fi business, the others, coming, from different areas of electronic, accoustic research, development, design and engineering, give an important contribution thanks to their experience. JAS Audio's aim is to produce High-End audio products with excellent sound quality all the way from Entry-Level to Reference grade. This choice arises both from our desire to create high-level hi-fi products and from the will to spread the hi-fi "word" to newcomers. We are all music lovers before being hi-fi enthusiasts, we have decided to try to give all our production a reproduction ability, a natural warmth worthy of such a heritage: instruments for great music.


Music can improve our life's quality by soothing us and moving us deeply; our dream is to reproduce music in the best way possible. It's a choice of love. JAS Audio is a company that designs and manufactures high fidelity equipment. Our team of electronics design engineers creates audio equipment of the very finest quality. Each new JAS product is carefully evaluated by an expert panel of audiophiles using blind listening tests, interfacing prototypes with a wide assortment of audio and video equipment. Fine tuning is then carried out in partnership between the experts in electronics and in music. It is the job of the design Stylist to create the look; space in our homes becomes more precious every day, so if we must fill that space let us do it with attractive and exciting things !

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