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JAS Audio World's top notch silver and copper foil capacitors ~ Magic Moment Series

JAS Audio  - Magic Moment Serial Cap is a new high performance capacitor product from Audience that is the result of rigorous consideration of every aspect in capacitor design and the manufacturing process.
Audience has reconsidered a host of parameters including tension windings, baking times and cryogenic treatment among other proprietary procedures. Magic Moment is made using the very finest obtainable polypropylene film and new high purity copper and silver . This new capacitor design offers reduced parasitic such as ESR improving on its effective bandwidth, clarity and coherence. With these design changes a new level of performance is reached with even less coloration, micro-phonics and noise contribution. In fact the Magic Moment Serial is simply more transparent allowing you to hear farther into the music.

Our audio signal capacitors range is now from 0.39uf/630 volt capacitor, this is the best  range of audio signal capacitors available by some considerable way.

The new copper and silver foil  caps are available in a range that is specifically targetted at the single-ended triode amplifier and multi media market.

The fact that the new copper foil capacitors are considerably better sounding than anything, makes them even better sonic value. The improvement is due to the use of greatly improved materials, better production methods and tighter production tolerances, plus the fact that the new caps are encased in copper instead of aluminium, glass or plastic.

The  silver foil capacitors use a fine mylar film instead of a paper in oil dielectric, we have found this to be the best for  sound with extremely low distortons. And those of you who have tried these copper encased silver foil capacitors can confirm the fact that the JAS Audio - Magic Moment  silver caps are better by miles than anything else!

Our specially made mylar/oil caps have an immediacy, life, colour, lack of harshness and evenness of dynamic behaviour across the frequency range!
Recommended as replacements in old and new valve amplifiers alike ( even in the transistor amplifiers and crossover networks of Hi End speaker systems ), and essential for DIY projects.


Specification of Magic Moment Silver Capacitor

MMS-0.068 32 mm x 22 mm 0.068 uF 600 volt US$225
MMS-0.1 40 mm x 22 mm 0.1 uF 600 volt US$295
MMS-0.22 40 mm x 35 mm 0.22 uF 600 volt US$525
MMS-0.33 53 mm x 35 mm 0.33 uF 600 volt US$695
MMS-0.39 53 mm x 35 mm 0.39 uF 600 volt US$755
MMS-0.47 53 mm x 35 mm 0.47 uF 600 volt US$865
MMS-1.0 35 mm x 75 mm 1.0 uF 600 volt US$1,650
MMS-2.2 54 mm x 75 mm 2.2 uF 600 volt US$2,650


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