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Double shielded Single Crystal 14 AWG OFC (copper) ; each wire is individually insulated with FEP

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 ZION P1-S POWER CORD (1.5m / 2m)

Double shielded Single-Crystal OFC + silver (Ag) hybrid cable; each of the three conductors features a combination of 10 AWG OFC (copper) and doubling the amount ofhigh grade AG (sliver)

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 ZION EXTRA POWER CORD (1.5m / 1.82m / 2m)

Three high grade sliver plated plus 14 AWG OFC (copper) conductors; each of conductor is separately insulated with high grade FEP and individually shielded with close-lapped OFC braiding

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Massive group of nine sets of single-crystal & solid-conductor (2mm) . High grade OFC (copper) designed to minimize the Skin-effect losses in the traditional (AWG) in the conuctors; each solid-conductor is individually insulted with FEP; unique float grounding and discrete shielding help to reject most of the EMI and RFI to make lower the noise floor and background noise

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   ZION MUSIK POWER CORD (1.5m / 2.0m)

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