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Odin II is an upgraded version of the 2nd generation, which has made a breakthrough improvement in the structure of the box and the adjustment of the overall sound effect... In particular, the accordion-style aerodynamic treble has been used in the treble system. In foreign evaluation reports, The result can withstand close to 500 watts of power input with low and inaudible distortion! In addition, it is equipped with two pairs of German Accuton's special C180 ceramic mid-bass, with a low-frequency dive capability of 29Hz, and a newly designed 360-degree downward exhaust system, so that the overall sound and the sense of live music can be easily surpassed Many other 3-way floor speakers!





4 ohm

Frequency response


Normal Power Handling


Driver Units  : 

4" Air Motion Tweeter
7” Accuton Ceramic Cone Midrange x 2 pcs

Bass Crossover Frequency :   

 2000 Hz / 400 Hz


35x 115 x 48cm(W X H X D


Weight :

  32Kgs / Piece


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Total entries : 1    ( Pages : 1 )

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